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The PetPals Zoso multi-functional pet stairs are practical and designed to aid your pet's mobility. Covered in quilted velvet for traction and a sleek design, these stairs complement any home decor. With a sisal scratching board on one side and a cute mouse toy on the other, your pet will have fun while benefiting from this tool. The top step doubles as a storage compartment for toys and accessories, keeping your home tidy. These sturdy steps provide easy access to your pet's favorite places, perfect for senior pets, pets with mobility difficulties, or small pets. Supporting up to 100 lbs, Zoso is the perfect addition to your home.


SKU: PP220304
    • Supports pets weighing up to 100 lbs.
    • Washable soft quilted velvet steps.
    • Eco-friendly jute scratching mat.
    • Playful mouse teaser toy.
    • Convenient storage compartment.

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