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SKU: PP220304



The PetPals Zoso are multi-functional stairs that are practical and serve as an aid for your pet.  Zoso is covered in a quilted velvet to help provide traction and a sleek design that will look good with any home decor. This pet mobility aid has many functions that your pets can enjoy featuring a sisal scratching board on one side and cute mouse toy on the other, they will be able to have fun with this tool. The best part is the top step can be removed for storage of your pets toys and accessories, to keep your house tidy when not in use. The sturdy steps provide easy access to your pets favorite places in your home, like the bed or the sofa. Whether you have a senior pet, pet with mobility difficulties or just a small pet, these durable stairs are the perfect addition to your home. 

  • 4-Level Pet Stairs that Support Cats and Dogs Up to 25 lbs.
  • Great for Elderly Pets who Need a Little Assistance to Reach Higher Places, Such as Your Couch, Bed, Etc.
  • Features Soft Quilted Velvet Material.
  • Includes an Eco-Friednly Jute Scratching Mat and a Playful Mouse Teaser Toy!
  • Place Your Pet's Toys/Accessories in Convenient Storage, Just Lift the Top Step to Reveal the Storage Compartment! 
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