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SKU: PP230877x4
Only 9 left in stock

~Each order comes with 4 Cardboard Scratcher~

PetPals Cardboard Scratcher is a feline-friendly masterpiece designed for optimal scratching satisfaction. With its unique outer paper design, this scratcher adds a touch of flair to your cat's environment. Easily swap out old, worn scratching boards for a fresh, engaging experience. Crafted with your cat's instincts in mind, this durable and replaceable cardboard scratcher provides the perfect outlet for their scratching needs. PetPals Cardboard Scratcher keeps your furniture safe and your feline friend entertained with this stylish and practical addition to their play area.

  • Gives your cat another unique scratching texture to help them stay engaged!
  • Promoted healthy scratching habits for your feline friend!
  • Helps redirect scratching habits from unwanted areas
  • Replace your old heavily used cardboard scratcher with ease. Compatible with Jodie's cat house.
  • 4 Cardboard Scratchers per order.

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