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SKU: PP230926x4

~Each order comes with 4 Sisal Scratching Pads~

Petpals Sisal Scratching Pad is a durable replacement scratching pad that can replace used scratchers on your existing cat tree. Easily replace worn-out scratchers by effortlessly peeling off the old and attaching this new, sisal mat. Designed to meet your feline's scratching needs, this scratcher provides an irresistible surface for your cat to scratch on.


You can also stick this sisal scratching mat on the wall with the two adhesive strips for even more unique scratching areas for your feline friend! Enhance your cat's playtime experience with this convenient and long-lasting sisal scratching pad – the ideal solution for a happy and healthy feline. Refresh your cat tree with the Petpals Sisal Scratching Pad.

  • Replaceable and Removable Sisal Scratching Pad.
  • Attach to Your Existing Cat Tree with Velcro Strips. (Compatible with Grayson & Starbz Cat Tree)
  • Features Adhesive Strips so You Can Attach the Scratcher to the Flat Surface of Your Choice.
  • Made Out of 100% Natural Sisal.

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