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The PetPals Charcoal 4 Level pet stairs will make reaching higher places a breeze for your pet! Crafted from a plush velvety fabric, these stairs provide a secure ascent and descent for your furry friends. Additionally, these stairs double as storage space for all your pet's toys and belongings, allowing you to keep things organized when not in use. Designed with convenience in mind, they are foldable, perfectly sized for couches or beds, we want your pet to reach that cozy spot and cuddle up with you!

  • 4-Level Pet Stairs Making it Easy for Senior Pets or Pets Who Need Assistance Reaching Their Favorite Spots.
  • Features 4 Storage Spaces Underneath Removable Step Covers.
  • Furnished with Ultra Soft Plush Material for a Comfortable Climb!
  • Designed with a Neutral Color Palette to Seamlessly Blend in With Your Home Decor.

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