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 Recycling Program

We are committed to environmental improvements that foster a sustainable future.


To follow through on this commitment we have created a recycling cat tree program where we can work as a community not only to help protect our earth but also to contribute to local shelters. 

An image of a Forrest.
An image of a cat in a field of green leaves.

Let's Work Together!

We have created this recycling program in order to work as a community to help protect the earth and kitties in need. Whenever you decide to upgrade your cat tree, do not throw it away!

Our recycling program asks our customers to donate cat trees to your local animal shelters or rescues. With the help of you and your feline friend, we will not only contribute to the well-being of our environment but also help our local shelters. 

Easy Steps

There are three simple steps to participate in our Cat Tree Recycling Program. 


Once you download the form, make sure you read and fill out all the required information before reaching out to a shelter.

If you have any questions related to this form, please reach out to 


Take Your Used Cat Tree to a Local Shelter or Rescue

Take your cat tree and form to a local shelter or rescue.


Send Us Your Signed Form

Send your filled-out and signed form to Once we review your form, we will be reaching out with your coupon code!!

Customer Benefit

PetPals Rose Hut cat bed with soft rose plush. great for cats and dogs. Soft cat bed with removable cushion.

40% Off

Customers who participate in our recycling program are eligible for a 40% off coupon on their next regular-priced cat tree purchase!

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