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SKU: PP230488x4

~Each order comes with 4 Furbolish Brushes~

PetPals Furbolish (4 Pack) pet hair/lint remover is a powerful tool for removing lint and stubborn pet hair deep from cat trees, carpets, car seats, home furniture, and more!


Its double-sided bristles help to remove either hairs on the surface or hairs lost in plush material. In addition, you can easily clean the brush with soap and water to reuse it infinitely! It's not intended for direct use on pets.


  • Secures and collects all loose hair from an array of surfaces.

  • Double-sided silicon head design to remove loose hair from deep and surface level surfaces (Shorter bristle and longer bristle).

  • Lightweight and compact for easy use.

  • Washable and reusable for extended use.

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