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PetPals Zebra Perch is the perfect multi-function tree for your active pet. This fun cat tree includes two soft plush levels to provide your cat with many spaces to climb. This cat perch has been designed for big and senior cats. This 2-level design features multiple recycled paper rope scratching posts that help keep your cat’s claws trimmed and healthy. Our cat tree also includes three pom-pom toys and features a non-toxic rubber grooming brush for your furry pal to enjoy a good scratch. 


  • 2-Level Unique Zebra Print Perch.
  • Features a Soft Plush Perch and Bed for Cozy Naps!
  • Includes 3 Engaging Teaser Toys for Endless Play!
  • Includes a Rubber Grooming Brush for Full body Self-Grooming.
  • Equipped with 3 Eco-Friendly Paper Rope Scratching Posts.
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