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PetPals Starbz is our stylish industrial-design cat tree with multiple functions, making it perfect for your cat. This 4-level cat tree features two padded perches and a large, comfortable condo. It also includes two removable natural sisal scratching pads, allowing easy replacement when needed. Built with a steel tubing frame, laminated wood, and soft linen, PetPals Starbz is durable, sturdy, and aesthetically pleasing. A soothing massager at the bottom allows your cat to rub and scratch those hard-to-reach spots. Supporting cats up to 20 lbs, PetPals Starbz combines style and functionality for the ultimate cat tree.


SKU: PP220327
    • Supports cats weighing up to 20 lbs.
    • Soft removable linen cushions for easy clean-up.
    • Two removable 100% natural sisal scratching mats.
    • Spacious large condo.
    • Soothing Massager for self-grooming.
    • All “overly loved” parts may be replaced HERE 

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