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The PetPals Avocado Bud & Straw-Lady are the perfect multi-activity cat toys for your active pet. These adorable toys feature two back pockets for catnip and/or snacks. One pocket, secured with velcro, keeps catnip securely inside, while the other pocket allows for easy slipping in of goodies and snacks. Designed for ultimate playtime, these interactive toys include a multi-use bendable hook that can be handled in three ways: with your hands, with a wooden stick as a teasing toy, or assembled into cat furniture.


SKU: PP14501

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    • Two back pockets for catnip/treats.
    • Velcro-secured pocket for catnip.
    • Easy-access pocket for treats.
    • Multi-use bendable hook.
    • Adorable avocado and strawberry design.

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