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The PetPals Ace black and white cat tree is the perfect multi-activity tree for your feline friend. Our contemporary large cat tree includes three soft felt-covered levels to give your cat plenty of space to climb comfortably. This cat tree features a 100% recycled handwoven paper rope top perch with a cozy removable felt cushion and includes a handmade recycled paper rope cat condo.


This 4-level stylish design features natural sisal rope scratching posts and a feather teaser toy for your cat to enjoy hours of playtime.  What makes the PetPals Handwoven collection special is its environmentally conscious materials, making it safe for your pet and great for the environment. 


SKU: PP2582
    • Removable and washable felt cushion.
    • Supports cats weighing up to 25 lbs.
    • Handwoven recycled paper rope cat condo and perch.
    • Eco-friendly natural sisal rope scratching posts.
    • Playful feather teaser toy for endless play.
    • All “overly loved” parts may be replaced HERE 

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