DESCRIPTION:  The Clement cat tree is beautifully designed with a height measuring 61 inches and a compact width of 26 inches. Cats are known to like height as the higher up they are the more secure they can feel as they are able to survey their surroundings and oncoming ‘predators’ from a higher perspective. Clement provides both stability and height and with its multiple levels at different angles, it facilitates your cat’s ability to move from bottom to top. Skillfully designed with multiple Paper Rope scratch posts and 2 rubber posts your cat will have an area to comfortably scratch. It also includes 2 fleece covered perches one at the top and the other at the bottom, so your cat can choose which one it would like to rest in. The attached Pom-Pom toys add entertainment for when they are resting on the cat tree they can have a bit of fun as well. Rest assured your cat can rest comfortably on the soft Chenille fabric without coming in to contact with any harsh materials.

Petpals Clement 5 level Cat Bed, Perch, Paper Scratch Posts, and Hanging Toys

SKU: PP17682