PetPals four Level black and white paper rope perch and condo lounger.This cat tree is a modern looking natural recyclable paper rope cat tree condo with three perches, scratching posts and a condo. This is a pet product with a stylish design that flows with your home decor. Satisfies the needs of fussy felines and the aesthetic tastes of cat lovers!Super easy to clean! Lint roller or vaccum, with spot cleaning.Assembly needed. Aprox. 15 mins, all tools included.


Assembled Product Dimensions (WxDxH):


PetPals Ace - Black and White Contemporay Cat Furniture with Teaser 26X18X49"

SKU: PP2582
  • The new addition to PetPals classic cat tree collection, this series features spacious condo and multiple perches for our feline companion to hide and jump. Cat trees can provide a safe place for your cat to stay out in the open while still feeling secure. On an elevated perch, the cat has a vantage point providing the security your cat needs!