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Meet the PetPals Grilled Fish Toy, a top-tier slow feeder and treat dispenser for your cat! This innovative toy features a rotating fish and campfire design that turns treat time into playful exploration. Fill the bright yellow fish with your cat's favorite snacks and adjust the dispensing hole size for perfect treat delivery.


It makes mealtime exciting, promotes healthy eating habits with controlled pacing, and offers endless entertainment with its customizable treat options. Treat your kitty to a delightful blend of fun and nutrition with the PetPals Grilled Fish Toy!


SKU: PP220900
    • Spinning fish and campfire wood.
    • Adjust the dispensing dial to fit your cat's treats/food.
    • Reward your cat as they play to earn treats.
    • Control the pace of food delivery.
    • Eye-catching yellow and unique campfire design.

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