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PetPals extraordinary Lulu Extra Large Cat Tree is the perfect cat tree designed to accommodate the largest of our beloved cats. This heavy-duty haven features an extra-large rubber groomer, providing your adorable feline friend unlimited full-body grooming sessions! Our Lulu Cat tree features a spacious condo boasting a premium removable shag fur cushion, making maintenance a breeze. Plus your cats will love the ultra-soft shag fur material, kneading paradise! The roomy plush perch provides your cat an elevated view of their surroundings for the perfect lookout spot. Includes four natural sisal scratching posts to promote healthy scratching habits and redirect scratching from other precious areas.


Crafted with quality, sturdy construction, and easy assembly, Lulu harmonizes with your home décor, offering the ultimate playground and resting haven for Maine Coons, Ragdolls, and other large cat breeds. Look no further for a cat tree that can withstand the biggest cat breeds than our PetPals Lulu extra-large cat tree!

• Features a Spacious Condo for a Perfect Resting Spot!

• 4 Natural Scratching Posts to Encourage Healthy Scratching Habits!

• Includes a Removable Shag fur Cushion for Easy Cleaning.

• Includes a Large Rubber Groomer for Full Body Grooming Sessions.

• Designed with a Large Heavy Duty Base to Support Large or Multiple Cats! Supports Up to 100 Lbs!

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