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SKU: PP220876

PetPals Cullen is a captivating Mid-Century Arc cat tower with 5 levels of entertainment. It features plush shag beds, natural sisal posts, and a sisal carpet for healthy scratching. The tower includes a large sisal scratcher mat for added variety. Two rubber groomers offer a soothing massage for your cat. Perches are wrapped in linen fabric for easy jumps between levels. Stylish and functional, PetPals Cullen complements your home decor. It supports cats up to 20 lbs and has all the necessary tools and instructions for easy assembly.

  • 5-Level Modern Cat Tree Supports Cats Up to 20 lbs.
  • Includes a Premium 100% Naural Sisal Mat and a Rubber Groomer Mat.
  • Includes a Full Body Rubber Groomer for Your Cat's Self-Grooming Sessions.
  • Equipped with 2 100% Recycled Paper Scratching Posts.
  • Features 2 Shag Fur Cushions for Cozy Naps.

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